Management of specialized projects in Food Industry

Berthault Consulting is glad to propose you a wide range of expertises in Project Management related to the Food Industry.


We intervene starting from the first stages of your project conception and through its implementation till getting of economic, qualitative and human performances.


Our experts systematically integrate your strategic, financial, technological requirements as well as time frames.


To help you in implementation of your projects, Berthault Consulting…

• …Consults its clients in selection of their development and market penetration startegy,

• …Helps the companies in their industrial projects at all stages of the conception and implementation,

• …Optimises industrial equipment, comissions pilot equipment and forms powerful management system,

• …Improves hygiene and quality level to meet the most exigent requirements.

Quality, Efficiency and Client Orientation:

Our Experience

Powerful association of managers and executives with high level experience acquired while implementation of projects of various sizes. Our offer includes transfer of know-how to you and to your team.

Our Adaptability

Professional choice: international experience.
Mission: to take advantage of various constraints. 

Our Inventiveness

In case of specific challenges, we propose adapted, specific and, if necessary, original solutions based on creativity of the consultanat.

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