Experts in the Food Industry

A team of senior experts regrouping all know-how necessary to ensure the success in your Food Project, whatever is its size, its speciality and its innovation level.


Berthault Consulting manages a large network of experts to provide you with the structured solutions that meet exactly your needs.


Several experts take part in various and supplementary fields together with us:


Professionals of farming, construction, process engineers and concept makers, flow and information systems management experts, frosting, quality, environment, training and recruitment specialists are all available for the right execution of international projects.

They supplement our participation at various stages of project implementation.


Following our development worldwide, several new senior consultants should join our team and our network in 2009

Due to the close cooperation with our clients, we ensure high economic performance of our projects. We also propose you a customized accompaniment at all the stages of your development.


Olivier Berthault, 45 years old, occupied senior manager positions in 4 companies since 1990. He was involved in various industrial and commercial projects as well as in organisation and management process. Thanks to his work experience and knowledge, he started soon to specialiaze in international projects in the field of the Food industry starting with Eastern European countries.


Having good knowledge of the constraints related to the fast growing economies, Olivier Berthault proposes competitive solutions adapted to this specific environment.


Starting initially with the Groupe Doux, No.1 in the field of poultry in Europe, 2.5 Millions of poultry per day, Olivier Berthault developped his know-how in the field of poultry breeding, butchering, cutter and certainely processing. Pork and meat products as well as idustrial pastry and ingredients are also part of his work experience.


Currently, he is a well-known expert in multiple fields of the Food industry, specially for pilot projects in foreign countries with fast growing economies.

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